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Photo of side view of our Motorcycle Transport 18 wheeler, Prisoner of the Highway

All bikes are loaded on our beautiful truck that is completely "air ride," so your bike rides bump free.  Totally enclosed and handled with the best of care because we ride also and love our bikes the same as you do.  Your bike stays on the truck until you arrive.  You can see first hand the care and attention we put into keeping your investment in prime condition.  You’ve put a lot into your ride – so we won’t leave it sitting unsecured in a parking lot somewhere.  Sometimes life throws us a curve and our vacations get cut short.  A special service that we offer is that the truck stays at the hotel until the end of the event and loads at the same place.  If something happens and you have to leave the event early, you won’t have to leave your bike in the hotel parking lot for days waiting for your pickup.

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